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No. Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Pinyin explanation
1内线消息內線消息nei4 xian4 xiao1 xi5insider information
2内置內置nei4 zhi4built-in; internal
3内罗毕內羅畢Nei4 luo2 bi4Nairobi, capital of Kenya
4内耗內耗nei4 hao4internal friction/internal dissipation of energy (in mechanics)/fig. waste or discord within an organization
5内耳內耳nei4 er3inner ear
6内耳道內耳道nei4 er3 dao4internal auditory meatus (canal in temporal bone of skull housing auditory nerves)
7内联网內聯網nei4 lian2 wang3intranet
8内胎內胎nei4 tai1inner tube (of a tire)
9内胚层內胚層nei4 pei1 ceng2endoderm (cell lineage in embryology)
10内能內能nei4 neng2internal energy

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