Chinese image recognition

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Notice:Choose a simple background, clear and prominent text, and upload JPG images with a volume of less than 2M.

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Chinese image recognition

Is there something that can convert an image to text? Is there a text recognition tool? There are tons of photos in front of us, and every time the text on the photos is extracted, the head gets bigger. If the image text is directly cut, it will not only be unclear, but also cannot be edited until there is a text recognition tool.

Image recognition is based on the principle of character recognition. It determines which character is by detecting the light and shade of the character, and compares it with the character library to output the character. Image recognition technology is getting perfect.

Put an image into the image text recognition software, and use the OCR technology to recognize the text contained in it. Text recognition software can recognize.

Fast recognition speed: For a picture with thousands of words, the text can be extracted in less than three seconds, and the speed is super fast!

High recognition accuracy: Whether it is printed or handwritten, it can perfectly convert pictures into text, and the accuracy rate is as high as 99%.

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