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Get unlimited common and popular Chinese names with this Chinese name generator tool. Simply refresh the page to get more. Each name is displayed according to Chinese custom, with the surname first and the first name last.

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Chinese names are written with the family name first, followed by the given name. For example, in the name "Liu Bai Wan" (刘百万), "Liu" is the family name and "Bai Wan" is the given name.

Chinese names often have meaning behind them. For example, "Liu Bai Wan" (刘百万) can be translated to "Liu, one hundred thousand," which may represent prosperity or success.

It is common to address someone by their family name followed by a respectful title, such as "Liu Xiansheng" (刘先生) for Mr. Liu or "Liu Xiaojie" (刘小姐) for Ms. Liu.

In some cases, Chinese people may adopt an English name when communicating with non-Chinese speakers. This name is often chosen based on personal preference or to make it easier for others to pronounce.

Finally, it is important to be mindful of the pronunciation and tone of a Chinese name, as the same name can have different meanings depending on how it is pronounced.

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