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Chinese Pinyin is a way of expressing Chinese pronunciation in the Latin alphabet, which contains 23 initials, 24 finals and 4 tones. By combining these symbols into words, the pronunciation of each kanji is described.

In Chinese mainland, Mandarin has been established as the national standard language, and the modern pinyin system - "Hanyu Pinyin" (abbreviated "pinyin", that is, "Hanyu Pinyin"), is widely used in daily life and education. In Taiwan and overseas Chinese communities, there are many different versions or variations of the name (e.g., phonetic notes) of the Romaji.

Mastering Chinese Pinyin is very helpful for learning Xi and understanding Mandarin Chinese, which can more quickly determine the correct pronunciation/search for the corresponding text when reading or typing, and is also convenient for non-verbal fluency Job seekers and their partners to communicate with their partners and other scenarios to break down barriers and achieve good word-of-mouth results.

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